OPPQ - Ordre Professionnel des Physiothérapeutes du Québec

Although the College and its members enjoy a good reputation, they have had to deal with increased competition in recent years, mainly from similar areas of expertise and the ever-increasing amount of health information available on the web; both of which have had a definite impact on the College and its members’ practice!


  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase the level of engagement on Social Media
  • Increase awareness of the profession and the College


  • Web Audit & SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Campaigns


  • Web Audit & SEO
  • Implement a thorough Content Marketing Strategy
    • Educating and convincing about the expertise of physiotherapists; seizing the conversation about our expertise
    • Keyword Acquisition and Content Creation Strategy
    • Give Social Media a central role in the conversation to extend our reach
    • Training in Content Marketing for existing staff in order to ensure the follow-up of the implemented strategy
  • Further improve the reach and conversion of Content Marketing with Paid Marketing (Facebook Ads & Google Ads)


111 %
Significant increase in traffic to the blog in the first year

163 %
High level of engagement on Social Media; especially “sharing” of blog posts

43 %
Significant increase in website traffic in the first year