Google Ads, the spearhead of online advertising campaigns

Reaching and converting… a question of analysis!

PPC instantly gives your brand a much greater reach and exposure on search engines; key factors in acquiring new customers.

The customer journey feeds our Data Science, which improves our understanding of your customer base and determines high-converting keyword and campaign buying opportunities!

Customer Acquisition Strategy

In digital marketing, traffic is key. The web offers a world of opportunities but it is also a battlefield. It takes a solid acquisition strategy to continuously feed your website with new visitors.

Social Media PPC Campaigns

Social Media allows for more precise targeting than search engines and advertising is better integrated into the content and environment of the media; it is therefore less invasive and often more effective.

Search Engines & Display Networks PPC Campaigns

Keywords purchase on search engines and display networks is the spearhead of any customer acquisition strategy and is one of the fundamental digital marketing tactics to focus on.

Retargeting & Remarketing PPC Campaigns

It is 5 times less expensive to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Remarketing / Retargeting consists of retargeting current customers or retargeting visitors who already know your brand.

We help our clients achieve their business goals!

The successful results of our PPC campaigns are the result of a personalized approach that integrates an in-depth and continuous analysis of your customers’ activities and aspirations… sometimes late at night!

Apple workstation to run PPC campaigns

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