Custom Software Development


Analystik has been successfully operating in the field of Custom Software Development for more than 30 years now although competition from the Big 3’s has been fierce. During that period, Analystik has built quite a reputation of excellence and innovation thanks to major achievements through mandates for such renowned enterprises as GE Capital Canada, Bombardier, Cascades, Wells Fargo, Laurentian Bank, etc.

For such an SMB, the major challenge is to maintain brand awareness and reach the C-levels of a very high-end target segment; that is, CTOs, CMOs and CTOs of companies with more than 500 employees.

The fact is, these people are scarce, and they are very busy!


  • Increase web site traffic
  • Maintain brand awareness with a very high-end niche
  • Establish strong brand positioning


  • Web Optimisation and SEO
  • Put into light our major achievements for major brands
  • Deploy a very niched blog content; that really speaks to our target clientele
  • Maintain an effective Social Media presence
  • Capitalize on video content


  • Enjoyed qualified Blog Traffic for many years; 10 folds the targeted segment
Client: Analystik
Services: Website Architecture, Copywriting, SEO, Content Marketing