Bistro indien


Trying to establish a restaurant on the Plateau is not easy, especially in Indian cuisine where there are already some very well established names; GURU Bistro indien has chosen to be on the web since its inception … and it has paid off.


  • Generate site traffic quickly
  • Create spontaneous in-house clientele


  • Web Optimization and SEO
  • High Frequency Content Marketing Strategy
  • Capitalize on Social Media to expand our reach
  • Generate interest with contests and promotions on Social Media
  • Boost Our Content Marketing With Paid Marketing (Facebook Ads)


  • Excellent website traffic in the first year
  • 100% annual increase in traffic over the first 3 years
  • Similar annual increase in Facebook Page subscribers during the same period
Client: GURU Bistro indien
Services: PPC Campaigns, Content Marketing, Social Media Integration
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