IVF Centre and Reproductive Health Clinic


Although enjoying an international reputation as a pioneer and a visionary in its field, the founder came as a challenger in the specialty market of In Vitro Fertilization facing 2 chains of IVF clinics.


  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Position ourselves as an IVF alternative of choice


  • Web Optimisation and SEO
  • Implementing a thorough Content Marketing Strategy & Keywords Acquisition
  • Highlighting the founder’s involvement for the benefit of reproductively challenged couples on all our web properties
  • Capitalizing on Social Media to extend our reach


  • 4,000 % website traffic increase over an 18-month period
  • 2,000 % increase in Facebook subscribers over the same period
  • The clinic has been operating at full capacity in that same period
Client: Fertilys
Website: fertilys.org
Services: Content Marketing, Web Optimization, Social Media Integration, Copywriting